AMSOIL Stands Apart from MLM Crowd

Let me be direct and clear on this subject.

If AMSOIL was an MLM, I would not be involved...PERIOD!!! 

Multi-level marketing (MLM) companies have offered business ventures to independent business owners for decades.  AMSOIL adopted an MLM program in 1973, but has evolved through the years into something entirely different from today's MLM companies.  AMSOIL offers Dealers opportunities to build successful businesses.


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More Opportunities

Commercial/Retail Programs

Typical MLM companies rely on their distributors being adept at sponsoring and person-to-person sales.  While both are also important to the AMSOIL opportunity, we offer Commercial and Retail programs designed to help Dealers mover larger volumes of product and more efficiently build thier businesses.  To our knowledge, no MLM company offers similar programs.


AMSOIL invests in national advertising campaigns to increase brand awareness and help Dealers succeed.  MLM companies typically spend little to no money on national advertising or sponsorships.  AMSOIL ads appear online, on television and in print, from niche magazines such as Diesel Power, to mainstream publications reaching millions, such as Motor Trend, Car & Driver and Popular Mechanics.

Additional exposure comes through Official Oil partnerships with several of the country's biggest events, including Daytona Bike Week and The Sturgis Motorcycle Rally.  AMSOIL also sponsors high-profile racing series, including Monster Energy Supercross, The TORC Series presented by AMSOIL and more.  AMSOIL corporately sponsored professional motorcycle, off-road truck, boat, ATV, snowmobile and drag racers further heighten brand awareness, generating interest in AMSOIL products for Dealers across North America.

Product Sales

Some MLM companies place their primary emphasis on recruiting new distributors, while deemphasizing product sales, something that is not conducive to long-term success.

AMSOIL offers a vast and complete line of premium synthetic lubricants, filters and fuel additives that help Dealers, and their personal groups, build thriving and lasting businessess.

Qualities of Successful Companies

In addtion to the opportunities that separate AMSOIL from MLM companies, AMSOIL incorporates all the qualities that separate solid opportunities from their not-so-legitimate counterparts.


The best companies are in it fo the long haul, and they work  hard to establish solid reputations.  They look to the future, commit to long-term goals and reinvest money toward future growth.

Amsoil developed the world's first API qualified synthetic motor oil in 1972, began offering independent Dealerships in 1973 and continues to work hard to provide the best lubricants on the market and a top-notch business opportunity for Dealers.  AMSOIL's success is evident in new products released, advancements at AMSOIL facilities and the growing number of AMSOIL Dealers and customers.

Quality Products

Good companies provide quality products that are competitively priced and in-demand by the general public.  Not only does quality attract consumers, it inspires confidence and enthusiasm in distributors.

AMSOIL products are second to none.  They are relied upon by millions to protect their vehicles and equipment, maximize engine performance, reduce maintenance costs and help extend vehicle and equipment life.  AMSOIL remains committed to introducing innovative, dynamic, competiively priced products that will continue to define the industry.

Company Support

Knowledgeable distributors are successful distributors, and good companies put great effort into training.  They provide a wide selection of literature and educational tools and provide direct access for their distributors.

Through the Dealer Zone, AMSOIL Univeristy Online, publications such as AMSOIL Magazine and The Hotwire, and a wide selection of literature items and training materials, AMSOIL is diligent in the education of Dealers.  Dealers are also provided opportunities to learn directly from AMSOIL corporate staff at conventions and regional sales meetings, as well as through phone and email communications.

Legitimate Claims

Good companies make only legitimate and supportable claims regarding both their products and business opportunity.

AMSOIL has never relied on fabricated promises of instant riches to lure Dealers in - finding success as an AMSOIL Dealer requires hard work and dedication - and they publish verifiable product test results and performance data across their publications and literature.


The best companies have dedicated distributors.  Good people are attracted to good companies, and they find security in knowing that their commitment pays off.

AMSOIL has a solid reputation with their vast network of loyal independent Dealers, who have experienced the benefits of the products, believe in them and are committed to building a successful business around them.

All this being said, your part-time home business opportunity awaits for under U.S. $50.00

Here is a link with more information and to register as an AMSOIL Dealer. I look forward to helping you get started with your business.


Here is a recent endorsement from Motoring TV

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